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Babi Hutan (aka Sinalau Bakas) – Derek Eats That!

Sabah is known for its seafood but the best food in all of Sabah is Babi Hutan. Also known as Sinalau Bakas, this tasty dish is the juiciest melt-in-your-mouth pork I’ve ever eaten anywhere in the world.

Bali has Babi Guling. Sabah has Babi Hutan, otherwise known as Sinalau Bakas.

Fresh. Tender. Juicy. Incredibly unhygenic but oh so delicious. This is Babi Hutan and it is the most delicious food in all of Sabah, East Malaysia.

Orangutan = person of the forest. Babi Hutan = pig of the forest.

If you want to try roasted pork in its most authentic form, there is only one place in Sabah to stop. Right here on the way to Kundasang. The stretch of road from Tamparuli to Kundasang is well-known for its roadside pork vendors. However you want the lady with the logo of the hog riding a hog. She knows how to cook a pig! Don’t know if its the animal or the seasoning but she’s got the tastiest babi on the block. Choose your cut of meat and desired weight — it’s 15 ringgit a kilo ($3.50USD) or 10 ringgit for half — then season it, cook it, slather it in barbecue and chili sauce and then enjoy!


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http://bit.ly/babihutan Filmed @ Sinalau Bakas, Kampung Kelawat Tamparuli, Jalan Ranau km9, Sabah, East Malaysia


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The delicious chef, who’s name I completely forgot. Oops.


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