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Two for the Road: Season Two (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Here we go y’all! The epic global adventure continues this January on public television (PBS) stations nationwide, with the big premiere of Two for the Road season two! And here’s your first sneak peek!

Two for the Road follows the adventures of Nikki and Dusty Green, a married couple from Texas who ten years ago quit their jobs, sold their possessions, and decided on a leap of faith and a love for adventure to travel the world together.

Now, ten years, 43 countries, and three Lone Star Emmy nominations later, Nik and Dusty are embarking on a brand new full 13-episode season, which will take them on the epic adventure of a lifetime to all corners of the globe! Come along as they experience some of our worlds most’ thrilling adventures, dive into its fascinating cultures and get to know its amazing people.

Two for the Road is available to public television (PBS) stations nationwide beginning January 2018. Contact your local public television station today to make sure the show is available where you live! And join us for the ride!

For more:
Website: http://www.twofortheroad.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/twofortheroad
Twitter: @twofortheroadtv
Instagram: twofortheroad

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