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Eating Cockroach in Pattaya mmmm ― Derek Eats That! Thai foodie edition!

Ever wondered what cockroach tastes like? Eating bugs is no big deal but eating cockroach is….well….big and surprisingly juicy. Not the good kind of juicy either. Of all the taboo/disgusting foods I have eaten, this was the first that I could not swallow.

After a long night of drinking, the sun is rising and my friend’s Thai wife’s family arrives from Isan with a whole bunch of bugs. After cooking, it’s time to see how they taste! What do you think? Would you try cockroach? How about grasshopper?




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Filmed @ Pattaya, Thailand on Christmas Eve. Yes, seriously. At 6am as the sun rose after all the other weaklings had gone to sleep for the night.


My buddy Kurt for inviting us over (even if it was only to help them move) and his Thai family in Isan who collected all the cockroaches and other bugs for us to eat. And all the passed out folks inside the house who missed the whole experience. Some people just cannot handle Pattaya, Thailand tsk tsk tsk

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